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Photograph Gallery
of Australian Native Bees

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New Native Bee Photos

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-- larger images; and
-- other photographs of that bee.

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Author: Anne Dollin
(See Anne Dollin's Google+ profile)

© 1997-2018 Australian Native Bee Research Centre
PO Box 74, North Richmond NSW 2754, Australia


Stingless Bee
(Tetragonula carbonaria, prevously called Trigona carbonaria)
Larger image
stingless bee
Great Carpenter Bee
Larger image
carpenter bee
Metallic Carpenter Bee
(Xylocopa (Lestis))
Larger image
metallic carpenter bee
Reed Bee
Larger image
reed bees
Cuckoo Bee
Larger image
cuckoo bee
Blue Banded Bee
Larger image
blue banded bee
Teddy Bear Bee
(Amegilla (Asaropoda))
Larger image
teddy bear bee
Dawson's Burrowing Bee
(Amegilla dawsoni)
Larger image
dawsons burrowing bee


Leafcutter Bee
( Megachile)
Larger image
leafcutter bee
Resin Bee
(recently renamed Megachile)
Larger image
resin bee

Coelioxys Bee
Larger image


Homalictus Bees
Larger image
homalictus bees
Green & Gold Nomia Bees
(recently renamed
Lipotriches australica)
Larger image
nomia bees


Wasp-Mimic Bee
(Hyleoides concinna)
Larger image
wasp mimic bee
Banksia Bee
(Hylaeus alcyoneus)
Larger image
banksia bee
Hylaeus nubilosus
(one of the Masked Bees)
Larger image
masked bee
The World's Smallest Bee
Larger image
quasihesma bee
Feathery Leioproctus Bee
(Leioproctus plumosus)
Larger image
leioproctus bee

Which of the above bees are in your area of Australia?
What types of nests do these bees build?
Find out the answers to these questions in our Introductory Guide!