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The Australian Native Bee Book -- Tim Heard
The Honey of Australian Native Stingless Bees -- Dean Haley
Australian Stingless Bees -- John Klumpp
Australian Native Bees -- NSW AgGuide
A Guide to Native Bees of Australia -- Terry Houston
Bees of Australia: a Photographic Exploration -- James Dorey.

Aussie Bee has also published seven downloadable eBooks on native bees, which are available from the Aussie Bee eBook Shop:
-- a native bee Field Guide;
-- Introduction to Australian Native Bees;
-- Boxing and Splitting Hives; and
-- four other eBooks on stingless bees.


Written by Tim Heard.
Published by Sugarbag Bees, 2016.
ISBN: 9780646939971

The Australian Native Bee Book by Tim Heard

The Australian Native Bee Book by Tim Heard provides a complete guide to keeping our Australian stingless bees -- whether you keep a hive or two in your garden or are a commercial farmer.

The chapter describing Australia's stingless bee species was co-authored by Anne Dollin of Aussie Bee, with all the latest species names of the Tetragonula and Austroplebeia stingless bees.

This book also showcases the broad diversity of Australia's other 1,600 native bee species.

$Aust 35.00 plus postage & handling.

Key Features:
Paperback: 25 x 20 cm; 264 pages.
Over 500 full colour photographs.
Foreword by biologist, Tim Low.

Written by a leading stingless bee expert.
Entomologist, Dr Tim Heard, obtained his first stingless bee hive in 1985 and now keeps more than 300 hives. Tim has developed new hive designs that allow easy propagation and honey extraction. He runs Sugarbag Bees and presents many workshops on stingless bee keeping.

Topics include:
Bee evolution
Solitary bees and bee hotels
Nests of stingless social bees
Foraging in stingless bees
Global diversity of stingless bees
Stingless bee species in Australia
Hive box designs
Transferring a nest
Splitting a hive
Harvesting honey
Hive management
Pests and pathogens
Bees and pollination
Crop pollination

Visit Tim Heard's website:

Including Guidance on Extraction and Processing

Written by Dean Haley.
Published by Dean Haley, 2021.
Produced by the Australian Native Bee Association.
Produced, designed and illustrated by Glenbo Craig.
ISBN: 9780646838052

The Honey of Australian Native Stingless Bees by Dean Haley

The Honey of Australian Native Stingless Bees by Dean Haley provides detailed advice on how to safely extract, store and market honey from our social stingless bees.

This book also contains accounts of:
- techniques used by Indigenous people with stingless bees, from times long ago until today;
- colonial encounters with native bees; and
- stingless beekeeping methods from around the world.

With superb colour photographs, this book is a must for anyone interested in collecting stingless bee honey, whether for their own personal use or for sale to the public.

$Aust 20.00 plus $6 postage within Australia (about $10 postage for two copies).

Key Features:
Paperback: 23.5 x 15.5 cm; 104 pages.
Over 100 full colour photographs and diagrams.

Written by an experienced beekeeper with Indigenous heritage and scientific training.
Dean Haley was told Indigenous stories about bush bees as a child. Now Dean has more than 100 stingless bee hives in Brisbane, Queensland. He chairs both the Brisbane branch of the Australian Native Bee Association (ANBA) and the ANBA honey committee.

Topics include:
Honey in Indigenous Australia
Native bees in early Australian newspapers
The stingless bee species
Stingless bee honey qualities and flavours
Harvesting stingless bee honey
Legal requirements - state and federal
Future industry needs
Advice from individual beekeepers
Flowers for honey
Beekeeping around the world

Send an email to Dean at:

A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping

Written by John Klumpp.
Published by Earthling Enterprises, 2007.
ISBN: 9780975713815

Australian Stingless Bees by John Klumpp

Australian Stingless Bees by John Klumpp is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in keeping our native honeybees.

This detailed, easy-to-read book guides you through all aspects of the hobby -- from understanding the inner workings of your nest to caring for your own stingless bee or 'sugarbag' colony.

It covers the basic beekeeping techniques used in Australia today, but also features John Klumpp's own unique designs for hives and hive accessories.

$Aust 35.00 plus postage & handling.

Key Features:
Paperback: 24 x 17 cm; 110 pages.
Over 200 full colour photographs.
Foreword by Martyn Robinson of the Australian Museum.

Written from the viewpoint of the native bee enthusiast!
Beginners will enjoy John Klumpp's lighthearted and informal style, with its hearty dash of good Aussie humour. Yet this book is factual and informative enough to expand the knowledge of even experienced beekeepers.

Topics include:
Stingless bee behaviour
Queens, workers and males
How to find a nest in the bush
Rescuing nests
Tips on buying a hive
Box designs
Boxing a nest
Splitting a hive
Sugarbag honey
Honey feeders
Fighting swarms
Pests and predators
The cadaghi controversy
Planting a bee-friendly garden
Future of stingless beekeeping

Visit the Earthling Enterprises website:


Written by eleven leading native bee specialists.
Published by NSW Department of Primary Industries, 2016.
ISBN: 9781742569567

NSW AgGuide

The Australian Native Bees AgGuide provides a wealth of insights into our unique native bees and their importance to Australian gardens and agriculture. It also gives detailed advice on how to identify support and manage these vital insects.

This book combines the expertise of authors Anne Dollin, Katja Hogendoorn, Tim Heard, Saul Cunningham, Romina Rader, Manu Saunders, Tanya Latty, Caragh Threlfall, Tobias Smith, Megan Halcroft and Danielle Lloyd-Prichard, as well as technical advice and/or photographs by Michael Batley, Mark Berkery, Glenbo Craig, James Dorey, John Klumpp, Marc Newman, Laurence Sanders, Erica Siegel, Douglas Somerville, Georgio Venturiere, Ken Walker and many others.

$Aust 35.00 plus postage & handling.

Key Features:
Paperback: 29 x 21 cm; 174 pages.
Large colour photographs and diagrams.
Foreword by Anne Dollin of Aussie Bee.

Topics include:
Bee biology and behaviour
Bees as pollinators
Agricultural beescapes
Native bees for pollination services
Urban bee ecology
Creating artificial nest sites for solitary and semi-social bees
Bee identification
Stingless bee biology and management
Capturing, photographing and classifying bees
Bee biosecurity
FAQ about Australian native bees

Visit the NSW Tocal website:


Written by Terry Houston.
Published by CSIRO Publishing, 2018.
ISBN: 9781486304066

A Guide to Native Bees of Australia by Terry Houston

A Guide to Native Bees of Australia by Terry Houston is the first field guide to introduce the native bees from right across Australia.

Articles in Part 1 cover many aspects of native bee biology (including their life-cycle, nests, foraging and mating behaviour) as well as how to conserve and support native bees.

Part 2 focuses on native bee identification, with systematic accounts of the five families and 58 genera of Australia's estimated 2000 native bee species. Photos, diagrams and keys allow identification of the bees to the genus level, but some technical knowledge of bee anatomy is required to follow these keys.

$Aust 49.99 plus postage & handling.

Key Features:
Paperback: 21 x 15 cm; 280 pages.
Colour photographs and illustrations.

Written by an Australian native bee expert.
Terry Houston was Curator of Insects at the Western Australian Museum for 34 years. He has studied Australian native bees in the field and in museum collections for over 50 years.

Topics include:
Australian bee fauna
Importance of native bees
Bee life-cycle
About males and mating
Colour patterns, mimicry and crypsis
Nests and nesting behaviour
Flower visitation and feeding
Seasonality and flight times
Conservation of bees
Encouraging native bees in the garden
Is it a bee?
How to identify bees to genus level
Bees introduced to Australia

Visit the CSIRO Publishing website:

a Photographic Exploration

Written by James Dorey.
Published by CSIRO Publishing, 2018
ISBN: 9781486308491

Bees of Australia by James Dorey

Bees of Australia by James Dorey introduces some of our incredible native bees, many of which, if you look closely, can be found in your own garden. Discover the beauty and diversity of Australia's native bees!

Each page features stunning macro photographs of bees from right around Australia. This is backed up by articles written by leading Australian native bee specialists on topics such as pollination, social behaviour and how to find bees and attract them in your garden.

$Aust 49.99 plus postage & handling.

Key Features:
Paperback: 25 x 25 cm; 224 pages.
Colour photographs and illustrations.
Foreword by Tim New.

Written by an expert native bee photographer.
James Dorey is studying for his PhD at Flinders University on the evolution and taxonomy of Australian native bees. His stunning macro photographs have been published in books and magazines, and have been honoured in national and international photography competitions.

Topics include:
Photos and accounts of over 70 Australian native bee species.
Why are bees important?
Australian native bees as crop pollinators
Threats to our bees
How to find native bees
How to attract native bees to your garden
The importance of museums

Visit the CSIRO Publishing website:

Also visit the Aussie Bee eBook Shop for downloadable eBooks on native bees:
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-- Native Bees of the Sydney Region field guide.

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