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Join the thousands of gardeners, bee enthusiasts and school students across Australia who are setting up Bee Hotels (aka Bee Motels) to help their local native bees!

Aussie Bee first started designing Bee Hotels in 1998 [download an article we wrote about this in 1998 in Aussie Bee Bulletin]. In this Aussie Bee guide, we present the techniques that we have learned over the years for making Bee Hotels, as well as recent advice from other Australian bee specialists.

Les Dollin with resin bee block

This is Les Dollin of Aussie Bee in 1998, with his original design for a resin bee nest block.

Aussie Bee Guide to Bee Hotels
PART 1. What is a Bee Hotel and how can it help?
PART 2. How do I make a Bee Hotel?
PART 3. What bees will use my Bee Hotel?
PART 4. What other insects will use my Bee Hotel?
PART 5. What should I do about pests and parasites?

Download Aussie Bee's step-by-step guide to making a Bee Hotel for Blue Banded Bees from clay blocks

Download Aussie Bee's step-by-step guide to making a Bee Hotel for Resin Bees from drilled timber blocks

Learn more...

Bee Hotel

How to make a timber Bee Hotel for Resin Bees.

Blue banded bee nest blocks

How to make a clay Bee Hotel for Blue Banded Bees.

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