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Native Bee Videos

Aussie Bee Homepage > Native Bee Video Index

Aussie Bee is proud to present a unique collection of native bee videos:

Featured Videos
Video Archives
Native Bee Videos from Around the World

Also see our Galleries of Native Bee Photographs!


Videos of the New Stingless Bee Species
Austroplebeia cincta
by Aussie Bee

The Amazing Entrance Tunnels of Austroplebeia cincta
Anne Dollin's video of the incredibly long entrance tunnels built by a recently discovered Australian stingless bee species.

The Queen Bee and Brood of Austroplebeia cincta
Never before captured on video: see the queen and brood of this new species of stingless bee for Australia! By Anne Dollin.

Egg Laying Behaviour in Austroplebeia cincta
Watch the A. cincta workers build a brood cell and see the queen lay an egg. First footage of this behaviour for this species! By Anne Dollin.


Stingless Bee Video
by Erica Siegel

An Attractive Video of Stingless Bees in the Garden
Erica Siegel captured this delightful footage of Trigona stingless bees collecting pollen in a garden.

Lestis Carpenter Bee Video
by Corinne Jordan-Ivers

Male and Female Lestis Carpenter Bees
Corinne Jordan-Ivers managed to capture the fast flying metallic green carpenter bees on some flowers - rare footage showing males and females together!


Stingless Bee Videos

Stingless Bee Video 1
Aussie Bee video of stingless bee foragers gathering pollen, resin and Sugarbag honey

Stingless Bee Video 2
Aussie Bee video showing how to recognise a stingless bee nest in a fallen log -- the entrance and nest structures inside the log

Stingless Bee Video 3
This video by Erica Siegel shows a tiny Australian stingless bee foraging for pollen.

Keeping Small Hive Beetles Out of Hives
Ric Wade shows the massive damage that Small Hive Beetles can cause a stingless bee hive and his system for protecting hives from this pest.

Fighting Swarm Video 1
Ros Gloag's video of stingless bees flying in a fighting swarm

Fighting Swarm Video 2
Ros Gloag's video of stingless bees locked in combat after a fighting swarm

Keeping Small Hive Beetles Out of Hives
Ric Wade shows the massive damage that Small Hive Beetles can cause a stingless bee hive and his system for protecting hives from this pest.

Solitary / Semi Social Bee Videos

Great Carpenter Bee Video 1
Erica Siegel shows the spectacular Great Carpenter Bee visiting the buzz pollination flowers of the rainforest margin shrub, Melastoma affine.

Blue Banded Bee Video 1
Aussie Bee video of blue banded bees sipping nectar from flowers and jostling for top position on the sleeping roost at night

Blue Banded Bee Video 2
A beautiful video by Erica Siegel of blue banded bees roosting in her garden in Queensland, featuring great close ups.

Blue Banded Bee Video 3
Another lovely video by Erica Siegel of a large group of blue banded bees coming in to roost in the bush as dusk falls.

Blue Banded Bees Video 4
A close up video by Erica Siegel of 25 blue banded bees roosting in her garden in Queensland.

Blue Banded Bee Video 5
Erica Siegel managed to capture this great footage of a lively blue banded bee darting around, sipping nectar from flowers.

Blue Banded Bee Video 6
This video by Erica Siegel captures the fast moving blue banded bees feeding from the showy purple flowers of Melastoma affine.

Teddy Bear Bee Video
Aussie Bee video of a teddy bear bee visiting a buzz pollination flower, grooming pollen from her fur and sipping nectar with her long tongue.

Leafcutter Bee Foraging
This video by Erica Siegel reveals the distinctive way that a leafcutter bee carries pollen collected from flowers.

Leafcutter Bee Snipping Leaf
An amazing close up video by Erica Siegel showing a leafcutter bee snipping out a neat piece of leaf for building its nest.

Wasp Mimic Bee Video
Aussie Bee video of of a wasp mimic bee weaving her amazing nest entrance curtain and peeping out from behind her nest entrance curtain.

Masked Bees Foraging
Erica Siegel shows two slender masked bees foraging on a flower.


Stingless Bees in Argentina
Tiny yellow Jatai stingless bees clustering around their nest tunnel entrance in Argentina

Stingless Bees in Peru
Amazing footage of the hives of 11 stingless bee species in Peru, filmed by dedicated scientist, Claus Rasmussen

Carpenter Bees in USA 1
A mini documentary on the Eastern Carpenter Bee of USA, just like Australia's Great Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees in USA 2
Two metallic green carpenter bees interacting at their nest entrance in USA

Leafcutter Bee Nest in USA
A leafcutter bee in USA stocking her nest and bringing in a piece of leaf -- featuring slow motion footage

Leafcutter Bee Nest in UK
Close up footage of a leafcutter bee in UK carrying a leaf clipping into her nest in a drilled block of timber

Leafcutter Bee Foraging in UK
A leafcutter bee in UK foraging for nectar and pollen in a lavender garden

Mason Bee in USA
Really close up video of a mason bee sitting on a mushroom in Colorado, USA

With slower internet connections, please allow a minute or two for the player frames to load after you open the viewing page.

Once the player frames have appeared, click on the triangular play button in the middle of the frame to begin downloading the video clip.

Further video clips will be progressively added to this collection. So please bookmark this page and visit us again to see more videos of native bees in Australia and around the world.

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