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Aussie Bee website promotes the preservation and enjoyment of Australian native bees. It is run by Anne and Les Dollin of the Australian Native Bee Research Centre to showcase Australia's 1,600 spectacular species of native bees.

Explore the fascinating stingless bees -- Australia's tiny native honeybees; discover our dazzling array of solitary bees -- blue banded bees, teddy bear bees, leafcutters and many more; and browse our extensive range of articles, photos and videos on Australia's native bees.

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Meet the Austroplebeia Species!
Aussie Bee has finally sorted out the Austroplebeia stingless bees -- after 35 years of research. And we found a new species! Our 73 page revision was published in Nov 2015.

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--bullet The new species names
--bullet Distribution maps
--bullet Close-up photos
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Learn to Identify Our Stingless Bees
Aussie Bee is proud to present our complete guide to identifying all the stingless bees in Australia -- in our fully revised and greatly expanded new edition of Booklet 4:

--bullet Step-by-step charts
--bullet Detailed diagrams
--bullet Nest differences
--bullet All the latest results
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Explore our Macro Photo Galleries
Explore the sparkling photos in our latest galleries! Featuring the work of five gifted native bee photographers!
Photo: Erica Siegel.

--bullet Stunning close-ups:
--bullet Carpenter bees
--bullet Blue banded bees
--bullet And much more
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Share Your Native Bee Sightings
Share your native bee photos, get ids, and add to Australia's knowledge with the new BowerBird website -- or just enjoy the postings of other bee-watchers across Australia!

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