TEDDY BEAR BEES - (Amegilla (Asaropoda))

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Do you have a real teddy bear's picnic in your garden? Protect these charming, chubby bees!

native teddybear bee by Aussie Bee

Above: a Teddybear Bee resting by hanging onto a stem with its jaws!

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Teddy Bear Bees are solitary bees. Each female builds an individual nest for herself in a small burrow in the soil. However, quite a few Teddy Bear Bees may build nests close together in a sheltered location such as in an eroded creek bank or underneath a house.

Teddy Bear bee by Aussie Bee

Above: a Teddy Bear Bee taking off after sipping honey from a feeder sponge. As these bees age, the hair on the top of their thorax becomes worn, leaving a black bald spot.

Teddy Bear Bees are about 7-15 mm long and belong to the family Apidae. They are found Australia-wide, except in Tasmania.

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