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Teddy Bear Bees

by Anne Dollin, Aussie Bee

-- a Teddy Bear Bee, Amegilla (Asaropoda), looking for pollen in a purple Solanum flower. This is one of the flowers that needs Buzz Pollination. The pollen is trapped in tiny capsules at the centre of the flower and the bee must vibrate or buzz the flower to release the pollen.

-- a Teddy Bear Bee using her legs to groom pollen grains off her fur. She gathers the pollen in this way than packs it on her hind legs to take it back to her nest burrow.

-- a Teddy Bear Bee sipping diluted honey from a sponge feeder. This video clip was taken inside a greenhouse at Western Sydney University during pollination experiments.

Teddy Bear Bee photos.
Teddy Bear Bee nests.

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