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The Lasioglossum Bees are a widespread group of Australian native bees found in all parts of Australia, with over 250 species. They are up to about 12 mm long and are usually black, though some have orange or red abdomens. The Lasioglossum Bees belong to family Halictidae.

native Lasioglossum bee by Aussie Bee

Above: a Lasioglossum Bee, thickly dusted with yellow pollen.

Lasioglossum Bees are important pollinators because females carry large amounts of pollen on their quite furry bodies and on their hind legs. When they nest in agricultural areas, they can make a valuable contribution to crop pollination.

The Lasioglossum Bees usually nest in burrows in the ground. Normally just one female constructs each nest but sometimes a group of females may share a nest.

native Lasioglossum bee emerging from her nest burrow

Above: a Lasioglossum Bee emerging from her nest burrow in the ground.

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