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Flowers Loved by Native Bees throughout Australia

Left, teddy bear bee (Amegilla) on an Abelia flower; and, right, two stingless bees (Tetragonula - previously called Trigona) on some Brachyscome daisies

The Australian Native Bee Research Centre asked Aussie Bee readers to help compile a list of flowers loved by native bees throughout Australia so that we could advise people how to to plant a garden which will encourage and support their local native bees. Here are ten of the top plants they recommended.

Ten Favourite Flowers Loved by
Australian Native Bees
Abelia x grandiflora Abelia
Buddleja * Butterfly Bush
Callistemon Bottlebrush
Eucalyptus Gum Blossom
Grevillea Spider Flower
Lavandula Lavender
Leptospermum Tea Tree
Melaleuca Honey Myrtle
Westringia Rosemary
Many Varieties Daisies

A complete list of the plants nominated by our contributors was published in Aussie Bee Issue 6 (May 1998).

* Note: Buddleja davidii is a particularly good garden plant for native bees. However, it can act as an environmental weed in damp sclerophyll forest, disturbed areas, roadsides and river beds, especially in Victoria and SA. See: Environmental Weeds: a Field Guide for SE Australia, K Blood (2001). We have not had any problem with it in our rather dry area but do not use it if it may cause a weed problem in your area.

Author: Anne Dollin
(See Anne Dollin's Google+ profile)

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