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To download your Aussie Bee eBooks and/or Donation Certificate, please follow these steps:

1. Check your emails at the address you gave in your order checkout window.

(If you paid by PayPal, this will be your PayPal login email address.)

2. 'SendOwl' is the professional secure ecommerce service that delivers our Aussie Bee eBooks.

Find an email from "Aussie Bee <noreply@sendowl.com>" with the following subject line:

Your Aussie Bee Order [10 digit number]

This email should be in your email box by now. However, occasionally it might take a few minutes to arrive there. Don't forget to look in your 'Bulk', 'Junk' or 'Spam' folder if you have a spam filter activated on your account in case it has been filed there.

3. Open that email and click on the SendOwl link included in that email. Your eBooks will be prepared by SendOwl, then a window with your download links will open in your browser.

4. Click on the download links, then your eBooks and/or Certificate will download to your computer or mobile device.

You will be able to download each ebook three times, so that you can store copies on your phone, tablet and computer. You will have 72 hours (3 days) to download your ebook(s), and then the download link(s) will expire.

If, for any reason, you are unable to download your ebook(s), please send us an email at: orders@aussiebee.com and we will help you.


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