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Need some help in ordering an eBook using our ONLINE checkout, and reading it on your computer or mobile device?
Take our six-step Guided Tour!

1. Add the eBook to your Shopping Cart.
2. Check your Cart, then proceed to Checkout.
3. Claim your Discount, if you have a Coupon.
4. Make your payment by PayPal.
5. Download your eBook.
6. Read your eBook, using the bookmarks and links.

To purchase our eBooks ONLINE, you need a PayPal account.
(We also offer an offline alternative of paying by Bank Transfer.)

1. Add the eBook to your Shopping Cart.

If you wish to view the eBook features, contents and reader reviews, click on the eBook cover image or the green eBook title link (shown in screenshot below).

Then to begin your eBook purchase, simply click the red 'Add to Cart' button:

Add to Cart

A SendOwl Shopping Cart window will open.

2. Check your Cart, then proceed to Checkout.

After you click the 'Add to Cart' button (see step 1), your Shopping Cart window will open. This Shopping Cart is powered by SendOwl, a professional ecommerce service. Any details that you enter will be safely encrypted and sent via a Secure Connection:

Shopping Cart

-- Click the white 'Continue Shopping' button to return to the Aussie Bee Shop and browse through more eBooks;


-- Click the blue 'Checkout' button to proceed to the Checkout window.

3. Claim your Discount, if you have a Coupon.

Do you have an Aussie Bee Discount Coupon? In the Checkout window, click the blue 'Got a discount code?' link.

How to apply Aussie Bee Discount Coupon

(In some web browsers, you may see a shorter version of the wording shown above.)

Type your discount code into the 'Code' box that opens. Click 'Update':

How to apply Aussie Bee Discount Coupon

The discount will be deducted from your payment total:

How to apply Aussie Bee Discount Coupon

Finally click the 'Pay' button. You will be transferred to a secure PayPal Australia window.

4. Make your payment by PayPal.

Log in to a PayPal account to make your payment and complete your order. Your payment will be securely processed by PayPal Australia:

Log in to pay by PayPal

You eBook download link will then be emailed to your PayPal login email address.

5. Download your eBook.

After your payment has been completed, you will be transferred to our Thank You page:

order completed

Here you will find instructions on how to get the download link for your eBook(s), as well as further help and information about your download.

Now, check your emails at your PayPal email address. You will receive two emails from Aussie Bee containing:
-- your payment receipt, and
-- your eBook download link.

Tip: If you do not receive these emails, please check your 'Spam' or 'Junk' folder in your email program.

In your download link email, click on the SendOwl link:

your download link

Your eBook(s) will be prepared by SendOwl. This normally only takes a few seconds. Then a 'File Download' window will open in your browser. This window will contain a 'Download' button and/or link for each eBook that you have ordered.

Click on the 'Download' button or link for each eBook to download its PDF file to your computer or mobile device:

Add to Cart

You will be able to download each eBook up to five times. If you exceed a download limit and get an error message, simply close the window and return to your Aussie Bee email. Click on the SendOwl link again to reopen the File Download window and continue downloading any other eBooks that you have ordered.

You will have three days to download your eBook(s), after which the download link will expire. Please contact us if you are unable to download your eBook(s) in that time and we will help you: orders@aussiebee.com

6. Read your eBook, using Bookmarks and Links

You can read your PDF eBook using many common programs found on computers and mobile devices. Tips for iPhone and iPad users.

Your eBook has built-in navigation bookmarks to help you find different topics covered in your eBook:

Add to Cart

If you are unable to see these bookmarks, try viewing the eBook with the Adobe Reader program. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.

Click on any of the bookmarks in the left hand panel to jump to a topic within your eBook. You can also click on the many blue links in your eBook to quickly navigate to a different part of your eBook:

Add to Cart

You can also print a single copy of each eBook for your personal use. More details about printing your eBook.

Thank you for your interest in Australian native bees and our Aussie Bee eBooks!

Go to Aussie Bee eBook Shop FAQ page.


Aussie Bee eBooks:

Quickly download detailed native bee information

• PDF format -- read them on any device

Print them on your home inkjet or laser printer

• Written in plain English -- easy to understand

• Beautiful photographs to enjoy-- now all in full colour

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