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Tetragonula carbonaria (previously called Trigona carbonaria) Stingless Bee Foragers

by Anne Dollin, Aussie Bee

Tetragonula carbonaria stingless native bees may live inside a hollow log or in a hive box. The worker bees forage for pollen, resin and nectar. They make a delicious tangy honey called Sugarbag. For information about Sugarbag honey or for supplies, visit the Sugarbag Bees website

This video shows Tetragonula carbonaria bees:
-- bustling back and forth through the entance of a log nest;
-- bringing yellow and white pollen and red resin into a hive box;
-- collecting nectar from the grass tree, Xanthorrhoea ('the bush cafeteria'); and
-- jars of Sugarbag honey produced by Tim Heard of Sugarbag Bees.

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