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Mason Bee in USA

Aussie Bee Homepage > Video Index > Mason Bee Video

With slower internet connections, please allow a minute or two for the player to load

Mason Bee in USA
by Quaoar Power on YouTube

This video shows close ups of a Megachile mason or resin bee in Gunbarrel, Colorado, USA.

Most mason bees nest in pre-existing cavities such as cavities under bark, empty snail shells or holes left by other insects in timber. They are called mason bees because they line and seal their nests with materials they collect from their environment, such as mud, resin and leaf pulp. Mason bees are closely related to leafcutter bees. All of these bees are excellent pollinators.

In Australia, similar bees called resin bees can be encouraged to nest in drilled holes in blocks of timber. They seal their nests with resin.


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