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Blue Banded Bees

by Erica Siegel

This beautiful blue banded bee video was kindly contributed by Erica Siegel of Queensland.

It shows a very large group of blue banded bees, Amegilla, settling down to roost in Erica's garden. By the end there are so many bees trying to land that it is amazing the stems can hold their weight. Yet they seem determined to cluster together on those few stems even though there are other perfectly good stems just nearby.

Half way through this video there are great close ups of the bees jostling one another for space. The iridescent blue bands on their abdomens flash brilliantly in the evening light.

Native blue banded bees are promising potential pollinators of greenhouse tomatoes for the horticultural industry.

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Blue banded bee photos by Erica Siegel.
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Blue banded bees for greenhouse tomatoes.
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