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New Stingless Bee Photos
by 'Peter O'

Aussie Bee Homepage > New Native Bee Photos > Stingless Bees

'Peter O' captured these fantastic photos of stingless bees working some Paspalum-like grass plants at Kuranda, Queensland. Peter said that at least two different species of native bees were hanging upside down under the stems, gripping them with their mandibles and front legs, then stroking and shaking pollen out with their back legs:

stingless bee

trigona bee

'Peter O' also has his own nest of stingless bees. In this photo, Peter shows a worker bee carrying a ball of glossy resin on her hind leg. Stingless bees collect tree resins to use as a nest construction material:

stingless bee

Peter also captured this worker bee struggling to carry a huge load of rubbish from her nest. What an amazing effort for a tiny 4 mm long bee:

trigona bee

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