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From 1997 to 2001, we published 18 issues of a hardcopy magazine on native bees. It was called Aussie Bee, Bulletin of the Australian Native Bee Research Centre.

Aussie Bee Bulletin magazine

Above: Two issues of our hardcopy magazine, Aussie Bee Bulletin.

Aussie Bee Bulletin covered a wide array of native bee topics, such as the following...

Major types of Australian native bees, including:
-- Stingless bees;
-- Blue banded bees;
-- Carpenter bees;
-- Reed bees;
-- Teddy bear bees;
-- Leafcutter bees;
-- Resin bees;
-- Banksia bees;
-- Masked bees.

Pollination of wildflowers and crops, including:
-- Buzz pollination;
-- Dendrobium orchids and Hylaeus bees;
-- Melastoma affine and carpenter bees;
-- Persoonia and Leioproctus bees;
-- Avocado and stingless bees;
-- Capsicums and Tetragonula bees;
-- Lucerne and leafcutter bees;
-- Tomatoes and blue banded bees.

Keeping stingless bees, including:
-- Finding nests;
-- Boxing methods;
-- Honey harvesting;
-- Predator control;
-- Strengthening hives;
-- Queen bee mating.

Exotic bee news, including:
-- European Bumblebees;
-- South African Carder Bees.

Aussie Bee's Native Bee Safaris, including:
-- Cape York;
-- The Kimberley;
-- Arnhem Land;
-- Central Australia.

...and much more!

Complete sets of Aussie Bee, Bulletin of the Australian Native Bee Research Centre are available in the National Library of Australia and the State Library of NSW. See details.

Back issues of this magazine are now sold out. However, we plan to progressively re-publish selected articles from Aussie Bee Bulletin. These will be available through Aussie Bee website.

Other Resources on Native Bees

To learn more about Australian native bees, please take a look at some of the other resources currently available on Aussie Bee website:

Aussie Bee Online
This is a series of detailed native bee articles that can be downloaded, free of charge, to your computer. Some of the popular Aussie Bee Native Bee Safari articles from Aussie Bee Bulletin have already been republished in Aussie Bee Online (articles 16, 17, 19 and 21).

Aussie Bee eBooks
Visit the Aussie Bee eBook Shop to browse our easy-to-read colour eBooks on Australian Native bees:
-- Native Bees of the Sydney Region, a field guide;
-- Introduction to Australian Native Bees;
-- Nests of Australian Stingless Bees;
-- Behaviour of Australian Stingless Bees;
-- How to Recognise the Different Types of Australian Stingless Bees;
-- Keeping Australian Stingless Bees in a Log or Box;
-- Boxing and Splitting Hives.

Learn more...

Aussie Bee Shop

Learn more at the Aussie Bee Shop

Explore Australian native bees...

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