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The Australian Native Bee Book
'The Australian Native Bee Book' by Tim Heard provides a complete guide to keeping our Australian stingless bees -- whether you keep a hive or two in your garden or are a commercial farmer.

The chapter describing Australia's stingless bee species was co-authored by Anne Dollin of Aussie Bee, with all the latest species names of the Tetragonula and Austroplebeia stingless bees.

This book also showcases the broad diversity of Australia's other 1,600 native bee species.

Price: $Aust 35.00 plus postage & handling.
Australian Native Bee Book

Superb colour photographs and diagrams

For more details or to order a copy of this book, visit Tim Heard's website: www.nativebeebook.com.au
Key Features:
Paperback: 25 x 20 cm; 264 pages
Over 500 full colour photographs
Foreword by biologist, Tim Low
In-depth, well researched information
Glossary of stingless bee terms

Written by a leading stingless bee expert
Entomologist, Dr Tim Heard, obtained his first stingless bee hive in 1985 and now keeps more than 300 hives. Tim has developed new hive designs that allow easy propagation and honey extraction. He runs Sugarbag Bees and presents many workshops on stingless bee keeping.

Topics Included
- Bee evolution
- Solitary bees and bee hotels
- Nests of stingless social bees
- Foraging in stingless bees
- Global diversity of stingless bees
- Stingless bee species in Australia
- Hive box designs
- Transferring a nest
- Splitting a hive
- Harvesting honey
- Hive management
- Pests and pathogens
- Bees and pollination
- Crop pollination

The Australian Native Bee Book
by Tim Heard
Published by Sugarbag Bees, 2016
ISBN: 9780646939971

Visit Tim Heard's website: www.nativebeebook.com.au

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