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How much does John Klumpp's new stingless beekeeping book differ from the ANBRC Information Booklets?

Two of the major sources of information about Australian stingless beekeeping available in Australia today are:

-- The ANBRC Information Booklets (Native Bees of Australia Series); and

-- John Klumpp's book, Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping.

When John Klumpp planned his 2007 book in co-operation with the ANBRC, we decided to minimise the overlap between John's book and the ANBRC booklets as far as possible. This would ensure that all beekeepers received good value when they purchased these publications.

As a result, John's book:

- Touches lightly on topics already fully covered in the ANBRC Information Booklets.

- Presents substantial NEW MATERIAL on other topics not covered in detail in the ANBRC Information Booklets.

Here is a detailed comparison of the ANBRC Information Booklets and John's new book, Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping.

Major Topics Covered in Detail in the ANBRC Information Booklets by Dr Anne Dollin, Dr Tim Heard and Russell and Janine Zabel:

  • The Australian species of stingless bees and how to tell them apart
  • Crop pollination with stingless bees with a survey of the crops that can and can't be stingless bee pollinated
  • Classic hive designs used by the pioneers of stingless beekeeping
  • New hive designs developed by beekeepers up to 2002 in many different styles and materials
  • Tips from over 120 Australian beekeepers -- three volumes of tips on solving problems encountered when keeping stingless bees
  • Boxing and splitting hives - complete step-by-step instructions with photos of every step
  • Honey harvesting (a detailed ANBRC booklet on this topic by Dr Tim Heard is now in preparation)

Major Topics Covered in Detail in Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping by John Klumpp:

  • Buying a hive -- what to look for to check the quality of the hive box and the colony inside it
  • New hive designs developed by beekeepers up to 2007, including John's own unique design
  • New hive equipment and accessories such as shade awnings, heaters and feeders
  • The 'Eduction Method' of splitting a hive by connecting an empty box to a strong hive
  • Fighting swarms and the latest findings from the researchers on their cause
  • Pests and predators -- great photos of the flies, beetles and a newly described tiny parasitic wasp that can attack stingless bees
  • Garden plants for stingless and solitary bees with over 30 beautiful colour photographs

More details about the ANBRC Information Booklets

More details about Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping by John Klumpp

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Author: Anne Dollin
(See Anne Dollin's Google+ profile)

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