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The Full Instructions on
How to Obtain Aussie Bee Online Articles and Photos

It's as Easy as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

A Little Background Information

Each article is offered in the normal webpage format (HTML format) and, in addition, as a PDF file.

PDF files provide a very compact, attractive layout similar to Aussie Bee bulletin. The photographs in the PDF files are also provided at much higher resolution than those in the HTML versions. PDF files can be read by both Windows and Macintosh computers. Most of our PDF files are only 200 to 500K in size and are quick to download. However, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader to read PDF files.

Get your Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF documents now! If you do not have a copy of Adobe Reader on your computer, click here to download your FREE copy. (You will find it a useful programme which you will use a lot.)

We have also provided an HTML version of each article in case you are in a situation where you cannot easily download a PDF file (such as if you are using a computer in a public library). You may also like to use the HTML version to take a quick look at each article before you download the PDF version.

How to Obtain your Articles and Photos - Full Instructions


Download each article to your computer

Go to the Aussie Bee Online New Articles page and read check out the details of the latest articles. You will find a short summary of each article there along with an image of the first page of the article.

You can have a quick read of the HTML version of each article by clicking on the "View HTML version" link under any summary.

And then you can download the PDF version (with its better layout and higher resolution photos) of each article you are interested in by clicking on the "Download PDF file" link under the article summary.

We also offer a superb full-colour A4-sized decorative front cover (featuring the vivid colours of Australian native bees) for you to download. To download this cover, you must go to the New Articles page.

Download each article
(and the front cover)
to your computer.

Print out each article

Print out the PDF version (or the HTML version) of each article you have just downloaded.

We suggest that, if possible, you print out each article out on a colour inkjet or colour laser printer -- so you can enjoy the glorious colours of the bees in your printouts!

Print out each article
(and the front cover)
on your printer.

Read each article and file it in your binder

After reading each article, we suggest that keep it securely and in good condition by filing it away in a ring-backed binder.

Keep collecting all the free articles as they appear in Aussie Bee Online and you will see them build up, year by year, into a substantial new addition to your native bee library.

The colour cover can be pasted on the front of the binder, slipped into the plastic sleeve on the front of the binder (if there is one), or used as the first page in the article collection inside the binder.

File each article in
your ring-backed binder.
Don't forget to place
the colour cover on the
front of your binder.

You are welcome to print out as many copies as you wish of the Aussie Bee Online cover page and articles to share with your friends. You may also email them to friends or host them on other websites. However, the cover page and all articles must be kept in their full and unaltered version including ANBRC contact details.

To preview, download and print out the front cover page and the current articles in Aussie Bee Online, click here.

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