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Aussie Bee Bulletin
Rare photos and intriguing facts on the secret lives of Australian Native Bees.

Issue 17 (July 2001)


Homalictus Bees


THE GLITTERING HOMALICTUS BEES -- With glints of aqua blue, golden green and orange, the tiny Homalictus bees, found everywhere throughout Australia, are living gems.

BEES REDISCOVERED AFTER 99 YEARS! -- The 5mm long red-brown species called Homalictus rowlandi, had not been seen since two specimens were collected in Kuranda, Queensland in 1902. Dr Ken Walker was determined to find this rare species once again.

BOXING THE STINGLESS BEES, TRIGONA CLYPEARIS, IN FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND -- After Dr Wendy Formo purchased two cottages, she found they had been colonised by stingless bees. She decided to remove these nests and box them, the first time this had ever been done for this species.

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EXPLORING THE LIFE OF TARLTON RAYMENT - PART 1: LEONGATHA, VICTORIA -- In February 2001 Anne and Les Dollin explored the Victorian towns where Tarlton Rayment, Australia’s most prolific writer on native bees, used to live and work.

IMPORTATION OF BUMBLE BEES: THE LATEST NEWS -- Should bumble bees be brought to mainland Australia? Aussie Bee reviews the latest research findings based on the experience in Tasmania where bumble bees have been present since 1992.

A PIONEERING GLASSHOUSE EXPERIMENT WITH BLUE BANDED BEES -- Melissa Bell (University of Western Sydney) has begun research in conjunction with the ANBRC on the potential of the blue banded bee as a pollinator of glasshouse tomatoes. The results so far look promising.

INGENIOUS TIPS ON STINGLESS BEEKEEPING -- Read about Rob Raabe’s description of a Phorid Fly trap and Mark Grosskopf’s advice about a wire mesh divider and ventilation device. These clever innovations could could save your stingless bee hive!

TEDDY BEAR BEE VISITS SHELLEY PRIMARY SCHOOL -- Teacher Ruza Santos turns a surprise teddy bear bee visit into a valuable classroom lesson for her pupils.

LARRY LANE - A NOTABLE STINGLESS BEE KEEPER -- Larry Lane, 83, has created his own supplementary feeder design for stingless bees.

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