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Aussie Bee Bulletin
Rare photos and intriguing facts on the secret lives of Australian Native Bees.

Issue 15 (November 2000)


Feathery Leioproctus Bee
(Leioproctus plumosus)


SYDNEY'S INNER CITY TREASURES -- Two spectacular nest sites of Feathery Leioproctus Bees (Leioproctus plumosus) have been found in Sydney's back gardens -- entire miniature worlds of life and death, stalker and prey, right in the middle of the city!

MICK GREENE, 83, BEEKEEPER -- Mick Green of Galston, NSW, is using all the latest methods to manage his stingless bees -- including nest weighing and nest insulation.

ON NATIVE BEE SAFARI - OVERLAND EXPEDITION FOR AN ELUSIVE DRONE: PART 2 - THE NATIVE BEE WONDERLAND OF KOWANYAMA -- Les Dollin's Cape York bee hunt led him to the settlement of Kowanyama where community members explained centuries-old traditional Aboriginal native bee hunting methods.

AUSTRALIA'S NATIVE BEES TREASURED IN ABORIGINAL HERITAGE -- Australian Aboriginals are native bee experts. Learn about their fascinating native bee dreamtime stories and their indigenous methods of nest hunting and harvesting.

A MAJOR NEW RESOURCE ON WESTERN AUSTRALIAN NATIVE BEES -- An exciting new book has just been published on the interaction of native bees and wildflowers in Western Australia. It covers 738 bee species and 533 plant species!

OUR BEES IN JAPAN -- Russell and Janine Zabel's stingless bees are in pollination trials in Japan. The Zabels report on Dr Kuzuhiro Amano's encouraging results so far and his amazing temperature-controlled hive box.

COULD AUSSIE STINGLESS BEES POLLINATE AVOCADO? -- Dr Tim Heard reveals secrets from the jungles of Central America about the amazing avocado.

WHAT NATIVE BEES ARE FOUND IN VICTORIA? -- Hundreds of species of native bees inhabit Victoria's heathlands, mallee country and mountains. We list the types of species of native bees which are found in Victoria and those which are not.

AUSSIE BEE GOING 'ON NATIVE BEE SAFARI' TO VICTORIA -- Aussie Bee is off to explore Victoria's beautiful native bees, its museums and its history.

DOES AUSTRALIA'S 'NATIVE APIS' STILL EXIST? -- In 1912 naturalist Tarlton Rayment observed the nest of a tiny Apis species (related to the honeybee, Apis mellifera) on a remote mountain in Victoria. But this species has never been seen again. Can you help find this lost bee?

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