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Aussie Bee Bulletin
Rare photos and intriguing facts on the secret lives of Australian Native Bees.

Issue 12 (November 1999)


Dawson's Burrowing Bee
(Amegilla dawsoni)


THE DAWSON'S BURROWING BEE (AMEGILLA DAWSONI): PART 2 - MAY THE BEST MAN WIN! -- In outback WA, as the mating season of the Dawson's Burrowing Bee begins, furious battles erupt. After months of dormancy, the first females of the season burrow their way to the surface from their underground cells -- only to be divebombed by frantic swarms of mail suitors.

AUSSIE BEE MEMBERS FIND A SPECIAL WA BEE -- Aussie Bee members, Tricia and Carl Bennett, discovered a whole new method of beehunting on their recent family holiday in WA.

JOIN IN OUR SECOND NATIVE BEE SURVEY -- This summer we are launching a follow up survey, the Stingless Beekeeping Survey 2000. This time we are looking for ideas and tips on finding nests in bushland or cleared land, setting up a hive, favourite crops and flowers, swarming and hive designs. We need your help!

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS -- Two volunteers have just helped the ANBRC begin two gardens especially designed for native bees, the Leafcutter Garden and the Buzz Pollination Garden.

STINGLESS BEE THRIVE IN GREENHOUSE TRIAL -- Pablo Occhiuzzi shows that, inside a greenhouse, stingless bees can orientate, feed, potentially pollinate a crop, and gain weight too!.

AUSSIE BEES ON ABC TV'S GARDENING AUSTRALIA -- Mary Moody and a film crew from Gardening Australia have visited the ANBRC. Their aim: to bring a segment on native bees to Australian TV screens. The bees put on a great show for the occasion, including even a major swarm!

AUSTRALIAN BEETLE AND INSECT WORLD -- A unique new visitors' centre, featuring the biodiversity of Australian insects, has just opened in Kuranda, North Queensland. See live displays of stick insects, praying mantises, centipedes, millipedes, rainbow beetles, scorpions, native giant cockroaches and Hercules moths.

POLLINATION WITH A REAL BUZZ - PART 2: THE BEES THAT BECOME LIVING TUNING FORKS -- It is dawn in the garden. A brief buzz from a nearby flower reveals the presence of a specialised foraging bee in the dim morning light which it is still too dark to see. Rapidly researcher Steve Buchmann sets his stopwatch. Another day of observing his "living tuning forks" of the bee world has begun.

ON NATIVE BEE SAFARI - THE MYSTERIOUS DRONES OF SOMERSET (PART 3) -- Les Dollin's search for the mysterious drones of Somerset in Queensland was reaching its climax. Meanwhile, in Hokkaido, northern Japan, Anne Dollin finally was meeting renowned stingless bee expert, Professor Shoichi Sakagami, for the first time.

CEC'S STINGLESS BEES ARE SAFE AND SOUND -- Cec Heather shows how to repair an exposed bee nest using a custom-made styrene cover.

NESTS IN A SHARED CAVITY -- Stingless bees (Trigona - recently renamed Tetragonula) and commercial honey bees (Apis) sometimes share the same tree cavities. Here is a detailed cut-away drawing of such a situation.

LEAFCUTTER BEES: COMING SOON TO A GARDEN NEAR YOU -- Aussie Bee members have found signs of these "master craftsmen" at work in their gardens. This summer leafcutters could be coming to a garden near you!

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