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Aussie Bee Bulletin
Rare photos and intriguing facts on the secret lives of Australian Native Bees.

Issue 11 (August 1999)


Dawson's Burrowing Bee
(Amegilla dawsoni)


THE DAWSON'S BURROWING BEE (AMEGILLA DAWSONI) -- The crowded lives of these bold native bees which nest by the thousands in arid clay pans in Western Australia are attracting international scientific interest!

STINGLESS QUEEN BEE MATING PUZZLE SOLVED -- Stingless bee virgin queen mating and egg-laying patterns vary greatly from species to species. Dr Patricia Drumond has used DNA studies to show what the situation is with our Australian bee, Austroplebeia australis.

NEW BUMBLE BEE INTRUDER DISCOVERED! -- In the summer of 1998 a new species of foreign bumble bee, Bombus vosnesenskii, was found at Buderim, southeast Queensland. Quarantine authorities are concerned about the potential impact of this unwanted intruder.

AUSTRALIAN BEES IN WORLD REVIEW -- A rare collection of 110 Australian native bees, collected right across Australia by the ANBRC over a 20 year period, has been sent to the University of Kansas to contribute to a worldwide review of stingless bees.

A STINGLESS BEE IMMORTALISED IN STONE -- A stingless native bee of northeast Australia, Trigona carbonaria (recently renamed Tetragonula carbonaria), has been immortalised in stone at the top of an arch in the Great Court of the University of Queensland.

POLLINATION OF MANGOS: FLIES OR STINGLESS BEES? -- Cross pollination (pollination by the pollen of another plant) increases the yield of mangos. Dr Tim Heard discusses which insects do this better for the mango: the flies or the stingless bees.

POLLINATION WITH A REAL BUZZ - PART 1: A FLOWER'S MASTER PLAN -- Most flowering plants produce abundant pollen. This pollen is fully exposed to plunder by visiting beetles, flies and bees, which often results in little of the pollen fertilising flowers. In some plants, however, such as tomatoes, eggplants and kiwi fruit, the pollen is locked away in little capsules, which must be vibrated out of the flowers by bees. This is called "buzz pollination".

DISCOVERING THE MATING DANCE OF THE METALLIC CARPENTER BEE -- Michael and Robyn Batley made rare observations of the remarkable mating dance of the metallic carpenter bee on their very first day of bee watching. Their story shows how much can be discovered with a little time and enthusiasm.

TEN ESSENTIAL ITEMS OF EQUIPMENT FOR THE BEE WATCHER -- To have more successful "close encounters" with Australian native bees, this toolkit of bee watching equipment is a must. Full details are included on how to purchase the equipment or make your own.

ON NATIVE BEE SAFARI - THE MYSTERIOUS BEES OF SOMERSET (Part 2) -- In 1989, while searching near Somerset, Qld for a possible new species of stingless bee, Les Dollin found himself faced with a challenging nest rescue: a bee nest high up in an old, leaning dead tree right in the middle of a farmer's dam!

IN SEARCH OF AUSTRALIA'S STRANGEST NATIVE BEE NEST -- Some Australian native bees have been found nesting in buildings, furnishings, motor vehicles or even graveyards. In this new Aussie Bee Survey, we ask readers to look for stingless and solitary bee nests in unusual locations. 


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