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Aussie Bee Bulletin
Rare photos and intriguing facts on the secret lives of Australian Native Bees.

Issue 5 (February 1998)


Resin Bee
(recently renamed Megachile)


THE BEES WITH THE RESIN RESIDENCES - From small to large, coloured red, orange or black, these attractive bees may be in your backyard! Read the villainous tale of the sneaky parasitic wasp and find out how to establish resin bees in your garden.

EXOTIC BEE IMPORTATIONS ARE IMMINENT - Applications are being considered to import Canadian leafcutter bees and European bumble bees to Australia for agricultural purposes. What impact would these bees have on our Australian native bees and how can you have a say?

BOXING THE STINGLESS BEE AUSTROPLEBEIA SYMEI - A groundbreaking two part report by Thomas Carter on how to domesticate this vigorous stingless native bee for pollination and honey production.

SHARE OUR VISION - Most Australians have never heard of native bees! The Australian Native Bee Research Centre invites you to help reintroduce some of our beautiful species of native bees to urban areas of Australia.

SEEING IS BE-LIEVING - Explore the amazing five eyes of the native bee and learn about the special ultraviolet colour vision of bees.

BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BE-HOLDER - Much as we humans admire our wonderful Australian wildflowers, the beautiful colours of these flowers are really intended for the eyes of pollinators such as native bees. So, with their special ultraviolet vision, how do our native bees see our Australian wildflowers?

THE LOST BEES OF ARNHEM LAND - Les Dollin takes you on another wild outback safari, amid banteng cattle and crocodiles, in search of Austroplebeia essingtoni, the lost bees of Arnhem Land.

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