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Australian Stingless Bees:
A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping
Australian Stingless Bees by John Klumpp is a valuable handbook for anyone interested in keeping our native honeybees.

This detailed, easy-to-read book guides you through all aspects of the hobby -- from understanding the inner workings of your nest to caring for your own stingless bee or 'sugarbag' colony.

It covers the basic beekeeping techniques used in Australia today, but also features John Klumpp's own unique designs for hives and hive accessories.

Price: $Aust 35.00 plus postage & handling.
Australian Stingless Bees book

Over 200 full colour photographs

Click here to order your full colour copy of Australian Stingless Bees by John Klumpp.

Key Features:
Paperback: 24 x 17 cm; 110 pages
Over 200 full colour photographs
Foreword by Martyn Robinson of the Australian Museum
Detailed and easy-to-read information
Glossary of stingless bee terms
Register of stingless bee nests in public places

Written from the viewpoint of the native bee enthusiast!
Beginners will enjoy John Klumpp's lighthearted and informal style, with its hearty dash of good Aussie humour. Yet this book is factual and informative enough to expand the knowledge of even experienced beekeepers.

Topics Included
- Stingless bee behaviour
- Queens, workers and drones
- How to find a nest in the bush
- Rescuing nests
- Tips on buying a hive
- Box designs
- Boxing a nest
- Splitting a hive
- Sugarbag honey
- Honey feeders
- Fighting swarms
- Pests and predators
- The cadaghi controversy
- Planting a bee-friendly garden
- Future of stingless beekeeping

stingless bee book sample
An Excellent Companion Handbook for the ANBRC Information Booklets (more details)

- Touches lightly on topics already fully covered in the ANBRC Information Booklets such as: stingless bee species; step by step techniques for boxing and splitting hives; and honey harvesting.

- Presents substantial NEW MATERIAL on other topics not covered in detail in the ANBRC Information Booklets such as: buying a hive; new box designs; new hive equipment; splitting with the eduction method; identification of pests; and the newly discovered wasp parasite.

John KlumppThe Author
John Klumpp is one of Australia's most creative and talented stingless bee keepers. His innovative designs have added a whole new dimension to the beekeeping techniques used in Australia's stingless bee industry.

John has been keeping stingless bees since 1998 though his interest in these bees started long before that, in the 1950s. He currently has 60 stingless bee hives and adds their numbers by splitting them using the Eduction Method. John is a regular contributor to the Yahoo chat group, ANBees, where he is affectionately known as 'Klumppy'.

Australian Stingless Bees: A Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping
by John Klumpp

Published by Earthling Enterprises, 2007

ISBN: 9780975713815

Please note: This book deals with stingless native bees which do NOT occur in Victoria, Tasmania, SA, the ACT, the southern half of WA, or in the colder areas of NSW.

Price: $Aust 35.00 (plus postage and handling).
Click here to order your copy now!

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