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Amazing World of Native Bees
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Remarkable stories on the secret lives of native bees and how to encourage them in your garden; techniques for keeping stingless bees; crop pollination with native bees; native bee pollination of wildflowers; outback safaris in search of native bees; and much more

Rare photographs of bees, their nests and behaviour

Every issue has up to 24 pages and is packed with original articles, photos, drawings and practical information that are simply unavailable elsewhere.

What is Aussie Bee?

Aussie Bee is the one and only magazine published to showcase Australian native bees.
The 18 issues which were published over a five year period are a veritable encyclopaedia of native bee knowledge and a great introduction to these fascinating bees.
Complete index to articles in Aussie Bee Bulletin

Take the Tour!
Here are some of the main topics covered in each issue:

Issue 1
A Guided Tour of Australia’s Bees
Trigona carbonaria - the Most Southern Stingless Bees
More info

Issue 2
Blue Banded Bees (Amegilla)
Trigona hockingsi - Queensland’s Powerful Stingless Bees
More info

Issue 3
Metallic Green Carpenter Bees – Xylocopa (Lestis)
Austroplebeia australis – a Gentle Breed of Stingless Bee
More info

Issue 4
Quasihesma—the World’s Smallest Bees
Trigona clypearis – a Miniature Species of Stingless Bee
More info

Issue 5
Resin Bees (Megachile – formerly Chalicodoma)
A Bee’s Eye View of Wildflowers
More info

Issue 6
The Reed Bees (Exoneura) that Live in Lantana
Plants Loved by Native Bees – the Full List so far
More info

Issue 7
Teddy Bear Bees – Amegilla (Asaropoda)
Stingless Bees Pollinating Macadamia
More info

Issue 8
Great Carpenter Bees (Xylocopa) - Australia’s Largest Bees
Carpenter Bee Pollination of Passionfruit
More info

Issue 9
Marvellous Leafcutter Bees (Megachile)
Crop Pollination by Leafcutters
More info

Issue 10
Cloak & Dagger Cuckoo Bees (Thyreus)
Mysterious Stingless Bee Drones of Somerset (Part 1)
More info

Issue 11
Dawson’s Burrowing Bees – Amegilla (Part 1)
Buzz Pollination – The Flower’s Master Plan
More info

Issue 12
Dawson’s Burrowing Bees – Amegilla (Part 2)
Buzz Pollination – Bees that are Living Tuning Forks
More info

Issue 13
The Great Pretender (Hyleoides concinna)
Update on Controversial Bumble Bee Importation
More info

Issue 14

The Bees with a Spot of Gold (eg Hylaeus)
Communication in a Stingless Bee Nest
More info

Issue 15
Feathery Leioproctus Bees – Sydney’s Inner City Treasures
Could Stingless Bees Pollinate Avocado?
More info

Issue 16
Green and Gold Nomia Bees (Lipotriches) – A Cluster of Bees
Native Bees in Aboriginal Heritage (Part 2)
More info

Issue 17
Glittering Homalictus Bees – Tiny Living Gems
Boxing the Miniature Stingless Bee, Trigona clypearis
More info

Issue 18
The Banksia Bee (Hylaeus) – The Little King of the Castle
The Future of the Australian Stingless Bee Industry
More info

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