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Blue Banded Bee Photos
by Erica Siegel

Aussie Bee Homepage > New Native Bee Photos > Blue Banded Bees

Erica Siegel of Queensland kindly contributed the following beautiful photographs as well as several close up videos on blue banded bees to the Aussie Bee website:

blue banded bees on roost

Above: a detailed photograph of these roosting blue banded bees. Notice how the bees vigorously wave their legs at one another as they jostle for position on their preferred stems.

blue banded bee amegilla

Above: a single blue banded bee resting on a stem. These bees amazingly seem quite comfortable supporting their entire weight on their jaws. Notice the intricate green patterns in the bee's eye.

bluebanded bee in flight

Above: blue banded bees have patterns of yellow and black on their faces, as can be seen in this photograph.

bluebanded bee feeding

Above: blue banded bees can carry large quantities of pollen packed on the bristles of their hind legs.

blue banded bee in flight

Above: blue banded bees have a very long flexible tongue that they can withdraw into a brown straw-like sheath for protection. In this photograph this bee is pointing this sheath towards these flowers in preparation for sipping some nectar with its long tongue.

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