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Blue Banded Bee Photos
by Erica Siegel

Aussie Bee Homepage > New Native Bee Photos > Blue Banded Bees

Erica Siegel of Queensland has kindly contributed the following fabulous images of Amegilla blue banded bees for our Winter 2013 update:

Australian bluebanded bee

Above: a blue banded bee, stunningly captured in flight, extending her long multi-part tongue towards a Buddleia flower at Redland City, Queensland.

Australian native bee

Above: in this sensational shot, you can see this bee extending the even-longer brush-like tip of her tongue, ready to sip up some nectar.

Amegilla bee face

Above: in this dramatic photograph, Erica shows us the striking face markings of this blue banded bee.

Amegilla bee in flight

Above: Erica has frozen the wings of this blue banded bee in mid-flight! Notice how the bee tllts its wings as it hovers over the flowers.

The species of blue banded bee are currently being sorted out by researchers in NSW and SA -- a very difficult task!

Visit Erica Siegel's Wildlife Photography website
to see more of her stunning photographs!

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