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Blue Banded Bee Photos
by Erica Siegel

Aussie Bee Homepage > New Native Bee Photos > Blue Banded Bees

Here are some of the latest magnificent photographs by Erica Siegel of Queensland, showing the charming Amegilla blue banded bees:

blue banded bee

Above: a blue banded bee hovering as she sips nectar from a Basil flower with her long tongue.


Above: a fabulous shot of a blue banded bee in action. Notice the patterns on the bee's face and the intricate green patterns in the bee's eyes. This bee is carrying yellow pollen on the thick hair of her hind leg.

bluebanded bee

Above: captured in mid air! This blue banded bee assesses the Basil flowers ahead.

a native blue banded bee

Above: a lovely soft photo of a blue banded bee showing the dense red brown hair on her thorax.

a long tongued amegilla bee

Above: blue banded bees have a very long tongues that allow them to drink nectar hidden deeply inside narrow flowers such as this Cigar Flower (Cuphea sp)....

bluebanded bee on flower

Above: ... however, sometimes reaching all the way inside a flower becomes too much effort. This blue banded bee has cut a small hole in the base of this flower and is sipping a quick feed, the easy way!

bluebanded bee on roost

Above: At the end of a busy day, this blue banded bee has grasped onto a dry stem to sleep for the night

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