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A graphic demonstration of stingless beekeeping on video -- for the first time in Australia!

We regret that this video is now out of stock. However, copies are held in quite a few public libraries.

This is the first and only VIDEO on native bees and stingless beekeeping ever commercially released in Australia.

Produced by Denis Shepherd of Caloundra, QLD, the video AUSTRALIAN NATIVE BEES: KEEPING TRIGONA CARBONARIA provides an informative guide to stingless beekeeping in Australian conditions.

In just eight years Denis Shepherd built up an impressive collection of 32 boxed hives of stingless bees from a single nest which he obtained from a firewood collector. In this detailed 30 minute video, Denis explains box construction, boxing nests, multiplying nests and honey production with these fascinating bees. Denis shows an observation hive and gives you a close-up look at the bees, the brood and the honey and pollen pots.

Also introduced are some of the 1,600 other spectacular native bee species in Australia - our solitary bees. Denis shows the little resin bees, which often "borrow" resin from our stingless bee hives, and the unique way in which a leafcutter bee carries pollen.

This video was produced using amateur equipment but provides a wealth of valuable information for anyone interested in native bees and stingless beekeeping. An excellent resource for the prospective or beginning native beekeeper, this video has many good tips for the experienced beekeeper too!

"This video is a valuable practical guide to stingless beekeeping."
--- Dr Tim Heard, CSIRO

Important Note:
This video deals largely with the stingless native bees which do NOT occur in Victoria, Tasmania, SA, the ACT, the southern half of WA, or in the colder areas of NSW.

VHS Format

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