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What the Reviewers Say about
Native Bees of the Sydney Region: A Field Guide

"Bee-lovers rejoice! Here at last is the help we've long needed, a field guide that's not only authoritative, but clearly written and beautifully illustrated. It certainly inspired this somewhat lazy bee-watcher to take a more hands-on (or at least lens-on) interest in the diverse and charming little native bees that share my garden."

-- Densey Clyne, Naturalist and Author

"An excellent glimpse into the private lives of our fascinating native bees. Once you've read it, you will never again confuse a teddy bear bee with a gold-tipped leafcutter or a neon cuckoo bee."

-- John Dengate, Media Naturalist (ABC and Burke's Backyard)

"This book has completely changed the way I look at bees."

-- Cheryl Maddocks, Good Weekend (Sydney Morning Herald)
17 Nov 2001 Click her to read full review

"Native Bees of the Sydney Region will become the standard field reference for amateur and professional naturalists interested in Sydney's native bees. Teachers will appreciate the plain language and uncomplicated format, while secondary and tertiary students will use it as a window into that magical 'other' world of the Australian bush."

-- Brian Trench, Teacher in Charge, Camden Park Environmental Education Centre

"Insights into the mysterious nesting habits, preferred flora and identification of these wonderful insects."

-- Bruce White, Technical Specialist (Apiculture), NSW Agriculture

"An excellent, much needed field guide which will fill a gap in the availability of information for amateur naturalists and educators."

-- Tracey Armstrong, Mount Annan Botanic Gardens

"Best Field Guide" (2001 Whitley Award Winner)

-- Royal Zoological Society of NSW

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Author: Anne Dollin
(See Anne Dollin's Google+ profile)

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