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What the Reviewers said about Boxing and Splitting Hives

"Rich in highly detailed images, this comprehensive step by step guide to the methodologies used in boxing and splitting native bee hives is a must have text for the novice and experience Australian native bee keeper alike."
-- Peter & Penelope Wrench, Kinkuna, QLD
19 August 2019

"This book describes a detailed step by step guid to splitting hives and also transferring a nest of bees from a log hive to a hive box. Great clear pictures and explanations of what to box and what not to as well as information on what problems you may encounter such as pests, direct sun on the brood and spilt honey. This book is a great resource for anyone new to splitting or attempting to transfer from a log to a box."
-- Crystal White, Stingless Bee Buzz, Nimbin, NSW
10 August 2019

"Thank you for this book. I lost a hive several years ago because the log rotted. I would now have the knowledge and confidence to save my current hive if it deteriorated."
-- Ben James, Beerwah, QLD
15 August 2019

"Need to repair a fallen log hive, rehouse an inappropriate nest site, or split a strong and healthy colony? Clearly written with great photographic examples, this guide to boxing and splitting Australian stingless beehives is the only reference you will need to successfully manage this aspect of caring for these amazing creatures."
-- Monica Koch, Walloon, QLD
11 August 2019

"Anyone lucky enough to rescue a nest of Stingless Bees from the bush will be well equipped to transfer the bees to a box. Clear informative photos and numbered concise explanations give a step by step guide. Bee Happy Days."
-- Jeni Mole, Capalaba, QLD
11 August 2019

"Valuable Information from some of Australia’s best native bee keepers for rescuing hives, transferring, splitting, and even a trouble shooter. Wonderful visuals too."
-- Melanie Coelho, Gold Coast, QLD
8 August 2019

"This one I feel needs updating as e.g. on page I talks about how the rubber fastener was no longer used but as you continue into the book e.g. on page 9,15 and 16 all still talk or show about using the rubber band. I feel an update on the wording as well as the picture is needed as that what I like about the books there have great pictures to reference to the words. But again short and to the point with great picture’s for reference."
-- Jason Lloyd, Kallangur, QLD
4 August 2019

"In-depth guide to transferring bees. Whether rescuing hives from naturally found positions to splitting established boxed hives. This is a must read. Great photos to help you in the processes."
-- Stitt Man, Newcastle, NSW
11 August 2019


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