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What the Reviewers said about Keeping Australian Stingless Bees in a Log or Box

"All you need to know about keeping native bees, and how to care for them. Including how to protect their home from pests."
-- Stitt Man, Newcastle, NSW
11 August 2019

"Great guide for beginners. Very informative and covers a range of useful topics on bee keeping. Easy to follow and understand. Visually appealing with good use of diagrams."
-- Jennie Therrien, Hervey Bay, QLD
10 August 2019

"Great information on different hive designs, splitting, care and hazards. A must for beginners. Easy to understand and diagrams to help."
-- Melanie Coelho, Gold Coast, QLD
8 August 2019

"So much great information in this book. From different hive designs to eduction and splitting methods and how to box a colony of bees, identifying pests and how to move bees, this book is a good read!"
-- Crystal White, Stingless Bee Buzz, Nimbin, NSW
10 August 2019

Another informative book on keeping bees domestically. Especially useful information regarding building the of hives, and keeping the bees safe from pests and other dangers.
-- Margot & Warwick Darlow, Maryborough, QLD
13 August 2019

"I have had a hive in a log for years. Imagine my excitement that I can use it to produce new hives (budding) without destroying my feature piece in the garden."
-- Ben James, Beerwah, QLD
15 August 2019

"Favourite part in this book was the part on Hazards to avoid but as well as the history part. I would like to see more on Eduction. Hopefully a new book on just this would be great"
-- Jason Lloyd, Kallangur, QLD
4 August 2019

"A comprehensive, informative and beautifully presented guide to maintaining Australian stingless bees. The text is rich in detail and beautifully supported by the stunning images included throughout this e-book. A must have addition for anyone wishing to keep Australian native bees."
-- Peter & Penelope Wrench, Kinkuna, QLD
11 August 2019


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