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What the Reviewers said about Behaviour of Australian Stingless Bees

"From the roles of bees at different stages in their life cycle to how they take the garbage out to keep the hive clean and ......Halodiploidy~ if you don’t know what that is you will after reading ‘Behaviour of Australian Stingless bees’."
-- Crystal White, Stingless Bee Buzz, Nimbin, NSW
10 August 2019

A fascinating insight into the life and work of bees. Lots of useful information to broaden our understanding of what is going on in our hives.
-- Margot & Warwick Darlow, Maryborough, QLD
13 August 2019

"A life cycle including all the habits that our native bees exhibit. From how they're born, to how they collect pollen, and much more between."
-- Stitt Man, Newcastle, NSW
11 August 2019

"Behaviour of Australian Stingless Bees shares fascinating insights into how the bee family work together to establish a home. They keep the cycle of life going by raising young and caring for new Queens to start new colonies. Very interesting to learn how they take out the rubbish!"
-- Jeni Mole, Capalaba, QLD
11 August 2019

"Comprehensive, in depth, easy to read guide on the inner workings of the behavior of Australian stingless bees. Guide was well presented and changed how I look at native bee behaviors."
-- Jennie Therrien, Hervey Bay, QLD
10 August 2019

"I found this book still interesting but feel most of the information could have been or has been added to the other books."
-- Jason Lloyd, Kallangur, QLD
4 August 2019

"a wonderful look at the hive behavior. I learnt a lot from this book. Both why they do some things and things I can do to help them when they show signs of stress. "
-- Ben James, Beerwah, QLD
15 August 2019

"Meet the members of our Australian stingless bee family, the different roles of each member, the jobs they progress through from larvae to older bee, they way they work together as a community to ensure all needs are met, in this fascinating ebook. Contrast their roles and behaviours againt the more widely understood commercial honey bee and take a look at some amazing photography."
-- Monica Koch, Walloon, QLD
11 August 2019


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