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What the Reviewers said about Introduction to Australian Native Bees

"Wow what a inspiring book. It will certainly have me looking closer at my garden, in the flowers, in the stems even in the ground."
-- Ben James, Beerwah, QLD
15 August 2019

"Great introduction to the native bees of Australia. Guide was easy to understand and visually appealing. Contained plenty of information on the different types of bees. Perfect for beginners or those wanting more information on the different species of native bee."
-- Jennie Therrien, Hervey Bay, QLD
10 August 2019

"I have kept Native Stingless Bees for 5 years and found this a wonderful introduction packed with interesting facts and insight into our little known Native bees. Good reading :) "
-- Melanie Coelho, Gold Coast, QLD
8 August 2019

"An extremely well written informative ebook which is filled with clear images and descriptions of many Australian native bees as well as favourite flower varieties of these bees, bee nesting, honey and more. A great go to book for beginners interested in learning more about Australia’s precious native bees."
-- Crystal White, Stingless Bee Buzz, Nimbin, NSW
10 August 2019

"I like this book for a starting point because as the name states it’s an introduction to Australian native bees and for most starting off their interest into native bee it gives short information into some of the most common ones along with larger pictures to go with them but also links honey bee as that’s the bee people are most familiar with."
-- Jason Lloyd, Kallangur, QLD
4 August 2019

"A colourful and very informative description of the major Australian native bees, and includes some good history about the more commonly seen honeybee. The extra notes about the social native bees tends to take this eBook a bit further than just an 'Introduction'."
-- Stitt Man, Newcastle, NSW
11 August 2019

"Introduction to Australian Native Bees provides an informative, interesting and easy to read foundation about Australian native bees. The book identifies the differences between European honey bees and Australian native bees found in Australia; including their social and physical differences, where they are found, natural hive differences and much much more. I would definitely recommend this book as required reading for the budding bee keeper of Australian native bees to build a foundation of knowledge not only specific to Australian native bees but bees in general."
-- Su Langford, Wishart, QLD
12 August 2019

Very readable and informative. A great introduction to native bees with superb photos. Also many handy links for further reading.
-- Margot & Warwick Darlow, Maryborough, QLD
13 August 2019

"Colourful and so very Informative:
Reading an 'Introduction to Australian Native Bees' eBooklet has tweaked my interest and created a thirst to learn more about these wonderful creatures. The ebooklet shares a terrific overview of our best friends from the bush. It also contains many live links thus offering information from a variety of sources."
-- Jeni Mole, Capalaba, QLD
11 August 2019


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