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Native Bees of the Sydney Region: A Field Guide
Update Page

New information is constantly being published in science. Names of species are also sometimes changed as scientists learn more about the relationships between the different species.

Just after Native Bees of the Sydney Region was published in 2000, an important new book called The Bees of the World by Professor Charles Michener of the University of Kansas arrived in Australia. In this massive book Professor Michener revised the family groupings of all the bees in the world. This has changed the genus names of some of the bees covered in the field guide as shown in the table below.

Printed copies of Native Bees of the Sydney Region are now sold out.

However, the updated, full colour PDF version of this field guide, that is currently available, includes all the new names for the native bee species covered in the guide.

Old Name
New Name
. .
Euryglossa (Callohesma) calliopsiformis Callohesma calliopsiformis
Euryglossa quadrimaculata Callohesma quadrimaculata
Euryglossa calliopsella Callohesma calliopsella
Heterapoides delicata Hylaeus (Heterapoides) delicata
Nomia (Austronomia) australica Lipotriches (Austronomia) australica
Nomia flavoviridis Lipotriches flavoviridis
Nomia moerens Lipotriches moerens
Nomia (Curvinomia) swainsoniae Nomia (Paulynomia) swainsoniae
Chalicodoma aurifrons Megachile aurifrons
Chalicodoma leucopyga Megachile leucopyga
Chalicodoma punctata Megachile punctata
Chalicodoma lucidiventris Megachile lucidiventris
Chalicodoma (Callomegachile) mystaceana Megachile (Callomegachile) mystaceana

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