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The Three Step Application Process
in the Current Bid to Import European Bumblebees

An Australian Native Bee Research Centre Update

In order to have bumblebees added to the list of species suitable for live import, the Australian Hydroponic and Greenhouse Association (AHGA) has had to write a detailed report about the potential impact of importing live bumblebees to Australia. The process involves three steps:

Step 1. The outline or draft terms of reference for this report was posted on the Department of the Environment and Heritage website to allow for public comment. This occurred on 7 April 2004. A ten working day period for public comment closed on 23 April 2004.

Step 2. The AHGA considered the comments received and then wrote their detailed report. This report was posted on the DEH website on 19 April 2006. (Click here to download your own pdf copy of this 105 page report.

A 40 business day period for public comment on the report closed on 16 June 2006.

Step 3. The AHGA must consider all comments that are received about their report and produce a finalised report for the Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage.

Although the period of comment on the AHGA report has now closed, there is still time to send your comments directly to the Minister about the AHGA proposal to import European bumblebees. Please send an email or letter immediately to voice your opinion! For a few suggestions to help you write your email or letter, click here.

After the Minister receives the final AHGA report, he must consult with other Federal, State and Territory Ministers and other appropriate organisations or individuals before deciding whether to add this bumblebee to the list of species suitable for live import into Australia.